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Weed Control

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We have a highly trained and certified staff that provides weed control and fertilization services to help maintain your lawn and landscape.

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Pre-emergent herbicides are generally applied to lawns in the spring to prevent germination of weed seeds and unwanted grasses. In most cases pre-emergent fertilizers will not affect established plants. It is best to apply pre-emergent fertilizers when air temperatures reach 65 to 70 degrees for four consecutive days.


Post-emergent herbicides can be applied in late spring after the weed seeds have germinated and have started growing. Most post-emergent products travel down the leaf or stalk to kill the plant at the root.

It may take several applications to kill certain weeds. Applications sometimes should be carried out till the late fall season. Certain weeds, such as Ground Ivy (creeping charlie) and clover, may take several applications.

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Preventing Crabgrass

Rule of thumb to prevent crabgrass -- apply pre-emerge when the local forsythia blooms are wilting.

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Unwanted Clover

If you see little white flowers in your yard with bees active around them, chances are you have clover. Most lawns do. There are many kinds of this low–growing perennial weed that set up shop in yards across the country. The most common is white clover.